Our Team

Madeline Gold

Founder of Serotonin Says Mental Health

Hi! I’m Madeline, and I founded Serotonin Says Mental Health as a way to pursue mental health activism. Our main goal (and my goal in life) is to help others to the best of our abilities, and I couldn’t be prouder of our fabulous team of writers, designers, researchers, and more!

Newsletter Team

Newsletter Coordinator – Waverly Nakashima

Writing Team – Lucy Morrison, Zaida Bowsher, Sophia Wong

Editing Team – Avery Wang, Anna Shesol, Rachel Ezrielev, Jacqueline Gold

Website Team

Website Manager – Madeline Gold

Website Admins – Sarai Lazo-Salvador, Alexander Robbins, Christie Cao

Social Media Team

Social Media Director – Marissa Boucher

Social Media Adviser – Fawzan Paudel-Sharma

Instagram Manager – Devora Organic

Graphic Designer – Lucy Morrison

Podcast Team

Executive Producer – Kayden Siegal

Hosts – Madeline Gold, Julia Messing, Heather Feuerstein, Adrian Quiroz-Nugent

Outreach – Marissa Boucher, Waverly Nakashima

Creative Team

Creative Director – Jacqueline Gold

Artists – Kayden Siegal, Lucien Kelly, Sophie Hansen, Ealisayd Triplett

Research Team

Research Director – Madeline Gold

Researchers – Shirin Jamali, Ilana Zimerman, Katherine Stauderman

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