July 2021 Poem: Our Celebration In celebration of one year of Serotonin Says Monthly! A Year of Working hard Celebration Anniversary, Team of writers, artists, Editors and designers Coming together as one unit Making new friends, building a safe home Happy birthday Serotonin monthly!

June 2021 Poem: PRIDE Screams Internally What isn’t truth?Happiness and peaceSociety through echos lieAngels powerfulCreating rulesBeaten, punished, harassed, and triedRainbows of streaksBleed outPride in sense~Despair~Sense in pride,Out bleedStreaks of rainbowsTried and Harassed, Punished, BeatenRules creatingPowerful angels Lie echos through society Peace and happinessTruth isn’t whatInternally screams

March 2021 Poem: 3 COVID Cinquain mask cloth covering your face protecting the surrounding people the feeling of safety  cover  quarantine  being in isolation locked up feeling lonely  separation  epidemic loads of sickness spreading of disease  causing worriedness  infectious

February 2021: A Palindrome of Empty Love Love From empty hearts Long through beating breaths Hoping, wishing, dreaming Someone special that Stirs imagination throughout Merging visions ~hurts~ Visions merging Throughout imagination stirs That special someone Dreaming, wishing, hoping Breaths beating through long Hearts empty from Love

November 2020 Poem: Three Thankful Sedoka The First Thanksgiving  Two Unlikely Groups Gathered Around a Great Feast Sharing, Loving, Having Fun Girls Holding Corn Dolls Young Boys Playing with Their Sticks A Strong Peaceful Neighborhood Parade  Loud Noises, Big Crowds Dancers Twirl Through Manhattan  Actors Rehearsing for Weeks Big Giant Snoopy Floats By in FrontContinue reading

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) In almost every TV show or movie, there is one character who’s obsessed with cleaning or has to have things arranged in a particular way. Some of us might have heard our friends say, “that’s so OCD” or “I’m OCD” in relation to them cleaning something or being a perfectionist. But isContinue reading