Poem About Depression: Sometimes


Sometimes, sadness is all that lies within
Sometimes, you can even forget how to grin
Sometimes, darkness encircles you and comes up from the depths of your mind
Sometimes, you feel emptiness is all you can find
With no way out no matter how hard you’ve tried

Sometimes, you’re lost within the void of your mind
Sometimes, fog rolls in and block out your guiding light
Sometimes, depression will cause an internal fight
Sometimes, when you feel isolated you will push others away
Self hatred will spring to life as regrets make you feel grey
Leaving you lonely with the pain that lies within

Not quite, the prior line’s is full of lies so still there is a silver lining
What, a beam of light through the fog, and brightly it is shining
Because, no matter how isolated you feel
You feel
You’re not truly alone and I assure that fact is real

Will they always understand it, no
Will they always notice your pain, no
But are the not caring about you, no
For they do try their best
They care more than you guessed
And while they can’t always grasp it
Or notice it
Their ears will listen to every bit

Sometimes, weakened from the emptiness in her head
Sometimes, you can’t find strength to get out of bed
Sometimes, you have thoughts of what if you were dead
Or sometimes will already feel dead within due to all of the dread

Sometimes, in depression you give other the impression that you’re okay
Sometimes, you wonder how many more times can you make it through the day
Sometimes, you feel dissociated from your life
Leaving you alone with all your pain, and your strife

Again, a fabrication found within the prior line
Confused, how is that are my hands still even mine
Well yes, but observation of situations leaves those statements in their tracks
Because your perception can cause deception unless you step back to see the cracks
And let the connection be rekindled to lessen you being insomniacs

Through the cracks you spy the lie and no you are not alone
Beams of light
Bleed through these cracks in sight
And give you the might
To let others in

Sometimes, thing cross your mind that fill you with fear
Sometimes, a thought flashes of you treading through the veil most don’t want to near
But know
Sometimes, things may get rather dire
Sometimes, wanting to snuff out that once mighty fire
Heed my words, hold them close, don’t let them be forgotten
People are there for you even if you don’t want them to
Even when you try to push them away

Written, as an anthem to the isolated
To bring you the light of not being alone is why this was created
If you still feel alone, you just need to know I wrote this because I care
Whether a stranger or intimate knowing, I will still be there
Writing this was hard, it shows some of my fears of where I might be going
But when I hit a block I just kept on flowing
Life is a challenge as we all know and sometimes we will feel defeated
So I wrote this here
To hopefully lessen the fear
And help let the light back in

After all
Sometimes, all we need is to know is we are not all alone with all the pain that lies within

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